Pacific Palisades
Project Area:
5,100 SF

Project Description: 

This speculative single-family home is revolutionary in regards to a traditional hillside street home. Typically, hillside homes directly adjacent to the road have a two or three-story wall that parallels the road, creating a private rear yard. However, with the new hillside ordinance, which significantly restricts the size of the homes, this is no longer possible.  Instead, a large basement is required to create a decently sized home.  To eliminate the feeling of a basement,  MDG creates light wells and gardens at the basement level. Not only does this bring in light and air, but it allows the occupants to walk outside.  This home has great ocean views.  And Like Sunset Plaza, the design provides for an ocean view from everyone's room, including the master bathroom.  Lastly, a cool spiral stair and bridge allow for access to a rooftop deck.