Monolith Design Group is a licensed architectural and design studio specializing in modern residential and commercial building design.  Founded in 1999 by Damian LeMons, a Los Angeles native and UC Berkley College of Environmental Design and Architecture Graduate. Monolith has gained a stature in Southern California for providing customer centric experiences.  Based on the belief that each project is unique, as it should be,  driven by the client, the site and functional requirements, we blend expertise with experimentation.

Drawing inspiration from art, travel and culture, we form new interpretations-always honoring the modern ethos of form follows function. Monolith project works stand as a testament to the studios philosophy that minimal design does speak volumes. By integrating the use of innovative materials, new technologies and sustainable strategies, Monolith is a forerunner in intelligent, environmentally responsible building.  Collaborations with an assembly of experienced fabricators, contractors, interior designers and manufactures, has provided us a network of resources and the ability to source a wide range of design options and tackle various design challenges with highly creative, cost-effective solutions, meeting critical deadlines and budgets.

Conscious communication and collaboration from the creative process through construction and completion, is our bespoke approach to every project.  With our clients we explore the possibilities to the most engaging design and space to enhance building performance and which to experience daily life as a whole.